Has my Facebook account been hacked?

Episode 1740 (1:09:21)

Rick from Palm Springs, CA

Rick posted a few pictures on Facebook, and he sees one picture with a caption he didn't add to it. How did that happen? It also seems to come from a group he isn't a member of, rather than from himself. Leo says that Facebook makes a group of your account automatically so you can share images. So that's probably the group he's seeing. You can also add filters or frames that can be added. It's possible it was added by accident. Check the picture and see what the privacy settings are. If it's public, you may want to change it to friends only. It may also be a good idea to change your Facebook password and set up 2-factor authentication. That would prevent someone from grabbing your password and messing with your account. You can also use a password vault to keep your password secure. Leo uses LastPass (a sponsor of the TWiT network & studios).