Sam Abuelsamid ... and the Augmented HUD

Episode 1738 (26:49)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about a new kind of heads up display that uses augmented reality to give the driver more information. The new generation hud will be hitting the market in the coming months (2021). HUDs have become fairly common since it's debut in 1988. It projects light through an LCD in your dashboard onto the windshield. HUDs make the information look like it's hovering about 3-4 away above your hood. 

With augmented reality incorporated into the HUD, they will provide multiple planes with various kinds of menus and information. There will be usual turn signals, speeds, tachymeter, etc. Then there will be navigation directions projected onto the road onto another plane. As if the directions are "painted" on the road to follow. This promises to keep the driver's eyes on the road, and won't have to refocus to see directions. 

Leo says that's pretty neat, if accurate. Some GPS systems have latency issues making directions somewhat late.