How can I "unfreeze" my Windows 10 icons?

Episode 1736 (1:08:56)

Eric from Los Angeles, CA
Windows 10

Eric upgraded to Windows 10 and he hates it. One problem is that his icons are frozen now. He can't do anything. This happened after cleaning up the desktop and trying to organize it the way he likes it. Does he need to bring it in for repair? Leo doesn't think so. It sounds like the cache where the icons are located is corrupted. So try deleting the icon cache and rebooting so it can be rebuilt. It'll be in your user folder under app data. type cd space %appdata%. Or search for IconCache_. Delete them all. Then Explorer will rebuild the cache.

Another thing to try is to create a backup user account. Then see if the icons are still frozen. If they aren't, then it's local to your own user account and you can fix that. If they are frozen, then it's a system-wide problem requiring running of the System File Checker. Go to a command prompt (Windows+X, then type SFC /scannow, enter).

You can also try this -