Johnny Jet ... and the Tested Comeback

Episode 1735 (1:27:55)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that in the last two weeks, nearly a million travelers have gone through TSA, the first time since March. It's on track to break the 1 million mark on Sunday. Travel is bouncing back now since airlines and airports are now instigating their own testing. It's not cheap at between $125-250, but some airports like Oakland, are offering free testing. One test is a 15-minute test and then there's a three-day test. Going to Hawaii requires the three days (72-hour test). The test eliminates the two-week quarantine.

Some of the rapid tests don't qualify, however, so Johnny recommends finding out before you travel which test is being honored at your destination.

Johnny says that cruise lines are starting to come back as well, planning to test for all passengers. And if you go on a shore excursion, you'll have to have a second test.