Apple Hi, Speed Event Tuesday

Episode 1735 (03:55)


Coming Tuesday, Apple is having another event, hinted by the title "Hi, Speed."  Leo says the event is believed the launch of Apple's new 5G capable iPhone 12. There will be four new models, including a new "iPhone Mini," all supported with 5G, even though Leo says that 5G doesn't matter. This is because there's low band 5G, which isn't any faster than LTE, and then mid-high range 5G. Leo says that it will be at least a year or two before 5G will be widespread in this country. Until then, 5G is just marketing.

Meanwhile, the iPhone Mini will be 5.4". Then comes the iPhone 12, a mid-range 5.7" iPhone that Leo says will probably be the best seller. It'll have a lot of colors. This will be followed by the iPhone 12 Pro, 6.1" with three cameras, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.7" Pricing? Well, they're going to be expensive, but Leo says the iPhone Mini will probably start at $700.

All phones will have the A14 chip, and come with improved battery life.

But what Leo says that we don't really know when they will be available. Usually, the launch is on a Tuesday, followed by the phones being available for order on the following Friday, shipping a week later. That may not be the case with the COVID outbreak. But Leo suspects it will be at least for the Mini and the standard iPhone 12. Pro models may take a few weeks longer.

Leo also thinks that Apple is going to launch its own version of TILE, a tracking fob for your devices, and a new generation HomePod. New Macs will be at a separate event in November. This is all according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.