Why Can't I Hear Dialog In My TV?

Episode 1733 (1:31:51)

Larry from Tustin, CA

Larry is having trouble listening to dialog when he's watching TV. Leo says that today's modern movies and TV shows are mixed for surround sound, which is expected to come out of the center channel speaker. It's expecting that people have their own home theater systems that have multiple speakers for those channels. If one just relies on the TV speakers or a home stereo, that dialogue can get muddled as it's squashed together. One thing to do is make sure the TV isn't interpreting sound as surround. It'll be in sound settings. There may also be a setting to boost vocals.

The better option though is to get a soundbar. They are fairly affordable now. Leo recommends Vizio. And that will also help because TV speakers are really added as an afterthought and are not very good.