Should I Get a New MacBook Pro or iPad Pro?

Episode 1731 (43:10)

Kevin from San Clemente, CA
iPad Pro

Kevin is looking to get a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Or maybe an iPad Pro. What should he get? Leo says that the iPad Pro will cost the same as a laptop and has the same processor as the new Apple Silicon models will have. But he'll want to be sure to get the magic keyboard. With that, it'll perform just like a laptop. Leo would be reluctant to buy a MacBook or an iMac until the new Apple Silicon models are announced. That could cause the Intel models to drop in price. Should he wait a year to shake out all the bugs in Apple Silicon? Leo says not necessarily. They've been making those kinds of processors for years for the iOS platform. And they are 5nm and are very fast. Not a typical first-generation product.