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Episode 1731 September 26, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch John from Burbank, CA Comments

John's son is a student and he wants to know about long term cloud storage for all his university notes. How can he organize it and be able to access it when he needs to? Leo says that it comes down to how he likes to take notes and what form to store them. Many medical students take graphical notes, sketching, and the like. That's why an iPad Pro is really good for that. If on Windows, One Note is a good app for that, which has good handwriting recognition, and then it's saved to Microsoft One Drive automatically. Evernote is another option. 

Zettle Kasten Smart Notes is a system that uses cards and then cross-references them. Originally started with 3x5 cards, but it's got a digital component now too. Check out Leo uses Notion and Roam.

Watch Kevin from San Clemente, CA Comments

Kevin is looking to get a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Or maybe an iPad Pro. What should he get? Leo says that the iPad Pro will cost the same as a laptop and has the same processor as the new Apple Silicon models will have. But he'll want to be sure to get the magic keyboard. With that, it'll perform just like a laptop. Leo would be reluctant to buy a MacBook or an iMac until the new Apple Silicon models are announced. That could cause the Intel models to drop in price. Should he wait a year to shake out all the bugs in Apple Silicon? Leo says not necessarily. They've been making those kinds of processors for years for the iOS platform. And they are 5nm and are very fast. Not a typical first-generation product.

Watch Stanley from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Stan wants to know what he should get for his first real computer. Leo advises a Chromebook. Namely the Acer Spin. Easily the best choice, especially for someone who already has an Android phone. 

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Watch Bruce from Glendale, CA Comments

Bruce is having issues with audio sync on his TV and home theater/DVD player. Leo says that sync is often built-in and should be in the settings for the device. Bruce gave up on his FireStick. Leo says that a lot of people have. There are some tricks like turning off encoding (or on). Look at the TV settings as well. Maybe a better HDMI cable would help. 

From the chatroom - check the manual for AV Sync.

Also, check out -

Watch Anthony from Toronto, ONT CAN Comments

Anthony's son is a junior in high school and he wants to get him a MacBook Pro for college. Should he wait until the Apple Silicon models come out? Leo says that Apple is planning a staged rollout and he doesn't think the MacBook Pros will be out until 2021. But an even better choice for a college student is the MacBook Air. Leo says Anthony has plenty of time and it may be worth waiting until next year to get them. But even if he decides to get an Intel-based Mac now, they will still be supported. But since he wants that MacBook to last all four years, waiting until next year is a good thing. If he can wait. And Leo says it will be far ahead of intel in a number of categories especially battery life. Graphics and processor performance will also be far ahead of the Intel platform.  

Watch Joel from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Joe used an app called Clean My Mac to do some spring cleaning. Leo says it's a good program and works just fine. Avoid MacKeeper, but Clean my Mac is fine. But there are some things on the Mac he doesn't know what they are. Leo adds that isn't common. All computers have files that he won't know what they are, but they are important for the operating of the computer. So don't be overly aggressive. That'll cause problems.



Watch Trip from Tustin, CA Comments

Trip has a huge collection of CDs that were gifted to him. He wants to digitize them. Is iTunes the best way to do it? Leo says that yes, iTunes has a good digitizer and converts it to AAC. Apple Lossless is even better. It'll take more disk space, but hard drives are cheap. Don't skim with MP3. Go with Apple Lossless. He also may want to use a FLAC Ripper. It's more standard. 

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Watch Tom from King, NH Comments

Tom has an iPhone 11 using the AirPods Pro and he wants to know if it will automatically switch from phone audio and his Apple TV audio. Leo says that would be a nice feature, but it doesn't do it right now. It would certainly be a software fix to do it. It will do it for the Apple Watch and Mac computer though. 

He's also looking at the new Brave browser and their VPN. Leo says that Mozilla offers a VPN, which is rebranded. Leo says that Brave is doing the same thing with a VPN called Guardian. But Leo knows Brave well enough to trust they wouldn't use a sleazy VPN. But check the privacy policy anyway. 

Watch Lori from Orange, CA Comments

Lori googled how to remove remote access apps on her Mac, and she was able to remove them after Apple walked her through it. But she's worried that she didn't get it all. Leo says that if Apple took them off, it's a good chance Lori is fine. It's easy to get paranoid about a computer because it does a lot of things we don't understand. The only concern is that when Lori gave the original technician remote access, that he could've installed something else she doesn't know about. If she's really worried, she can always back up her data, format her hard drive, and then reinstall macOS. But that's a drastic action. Keep an eye on it, and put a piece of tape over the webcam.

Watch Frank from Camarillo, CA Comments

Frank has a one-year-old HP computer, and he noticed that his computer has gone up to 100% use. He doesn't really have anything on it. Leo says that the computer is probably doing some indexing and it's using the extra space temporarily to do it. Leo says to use SysInternals in Windows. There are some great tools, including Process Monitor, which can show exactly what a computer is doing and how much resources are being devoted to it. It's possible that a "runaway process" can be doing it. 

Watch Eric from Indianapolis, IN Comments

Eric is a truck driver and he's looking to get a smartwatch that's very durable. Leo says if he's an Android user, try the Android Wear Watch. Fossil makes the best ones, but the Samsung Galaxy Wear is great too. And with a Sapphire crystal face, it's very durable.