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Watch Randy from California Comments

Randy wants to know when the 5G iPhone be announced? Leo says it was expected this week, but Apple didn't. Nor did they hint it would be coming soon. But in the last quarterly results phonecall, Tim Cook said the iPhone 12 would be delayed. But the word on the street is, that Apple will announce it next month. Just in time for the holiday season. 

Randy also needs help with his sister, who is a nun and they have problems with cell service inside their monastery. Leo says 5G isn't going to solve that problem. It's a low band frequency that doesn't travel well. Plus there aren't enough towers just yet. To solve the monastery problem, Leo suggests talking to their carrier and request a FemToCell. It will essentially convert the cell calls into a WiFi call over the internet, thereby creating a cell tower inside the monastery. That will help them get better coverage. And AT&T should give it to them for free.AT&T calls it a MicroCell device. And at 10,000 sq feet, you may need more than one. 

Watch George from Houston, TX Comments

George is having issues converting his old VHS videotapes to digital. The old app that he's using, called the Elgato EyeTV isn't capturing the video. Leo says that the new eyetv company is now called Corsair and he says it's a good company. But there's likely no new driver for and old version of the software to support the latest macOS. Mac recently went to 64-bit only, dropping support for older 32-bit versions of the software. So you may need to buy the latest 64-bit version. But there should be a try before you buy option. So download it first and see. 

Elgato is also offering version 2.2 that you can download for free which works with macOS Catalina. So there's no need to buy a new device.

Watch Bruce from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Bruce is having issues with his TV that the audio gets out of sync and the video goes blank on his TIVO Edge. Leo says it's losing HDMI sync when you run it through the AV receiver. And it's likely the AV Receiver that's causing it since Bruce isn't having issues connecting through his Xbox or directly. Is there a setting he needs to look for in his AVR? Look in the settings for eliminating the sync handshake. That's what's dropping out. If you can make it always on, it would never have to lose the handshake. Leo also suspects a new HDMI cable may solve the problem. Swap one out and eliminate that possibility.

Leo also recommends looking for a firmware update from time to time to make sure it's up to date. 

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Watch John from Gridley, CA Comments

John is worried that his identity will be stolen, along with his money, if he does online banking through his browser. Leo says that browsers are equally secure, as long as they keep getting patched on a regular basis. The issue isn't the browser, it's the system itself. The weak link in the chain is you. If you get an email that seems to be from your bank and you click on the links inside, it's likely a fake and your login has been stolen due to a phishing attack. That's the kind of thing that can happen. Banks will never email you. Keep that in mind.

A malicious site can use "cross-site scripting" to overlay a login field and steal your password as well, but browsers can block that if they are up to date. So as long as you keep your operating system up to date, you're likely fine. 

Using a Chromebook for banking is a good idea. It's very secure and the browser is constantly being updated. You can also boot to a Linux CD if the CD is up to date. Or just use a mobile app. And use 2 Factor Authentication to make sure your password isn't changed without your knowledge.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry watches YouTube travel videos and wants to know if you can embed GPS coordinates for Google Earth into a video like you can with a still image. Leo says that YouTube would have to support it. YouTube recently allowed notes linked to the timecode of a video, so it's possible. If the person making the video wanted to take the time to use that feature, it's possible. 

Watch Rick from Placerville, CA Comments

Rick wants to know if he can stop the stereo from muting the audio when the phone gets a text or turn direction. Leo says that's called ducking and it does that so you can hear the notification. But if it doesn't restore the audio afterward, then it sounds like there's a setting in the phone that has changed.

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Watch Karen from Tri-Cities, WA Comments

After getting a phishing scam email, Karen ran a malware scan with Windows Defender and it found a "severe threat" called a Trojan-Downloader. Windows Defender blocked it, but is she still compromised? Leo says that everyone gets those, and it's not a side effect of a virus on your system. So if Defender found one and blocked it, you're safe from it. But Leo also suggests running the thorough scan a second time, and then an online scan from TrendMicro or eset.comComputers can't have more than one AntiVirus app running on them, but an online scan is a good way to get a second opinion.

But if you're really worried. You can always backup your data, wipe your computer, and then reinstall Windows. It's the only way to be sure, but it's really drastic unless you're certain you've been hacked. 

You can also turn on two-factor authentication. But also turn off WAN administration on your router.

Watch Lori from Alicia Viejo, CA Comments

Caller allowed a third party that handles support for her company, to install ConnectWise on her private computer. Is that safe? Leo says that if your company has farmed out IT support to a third-party, it's unlikely that third-party is going to lose that business by compromising your personal data. But her devices are all connected. Can she revoke it? Leo says that you can uninstall ConnectWise and remove that access. 

Watch Audry from Agoura, CA Comments

Lori wants a simple smartphone for her mother that visits limited sites online and just make phone calls. Is there one that has loudspeakers, voice recognition, big buttons and a big screen? Leo suggests giving her an iPad for the websites, so she can see it. Then you can get a flip phone from Jitterbug that can handle the phone calls. A smartphone will be too small for her to use. You can also give her an LTE iPad that can make calls as well. 

You may also be able to pair her hearing aids with the tablet so she can use the audio and hear better if the hearing aids are newer.