What Computer Should I Buy For Word Processing?

Episode 1729 (2:10:00)

Lee from Menefee, CA

Lee wants to know if she can buy a computer to use as a word processor. Leo says that since Lee has a Chromebook, she already has all she needs. Just use Google Docs. Or, she can also use Microsoft Office Online. So there's no need to buy a separate device. And the best thing is, Chromebook will back up everything you do in the cloud, protecting data automatically. Learn to love the cloud.

But if she doesn't, and insists on a separate device, then it comes down to budget. She can get a decent computer for basic word processing for the $400 budget Lee is looking for. But Lee also has an old Windows 7 computer. Leo says that the device is safe to use, as long as she never puts it online. The computer is just fine and Windows won't stop working. So again, there's no need to get another computer if old devices still work. Then she can use the Chromebook to get online.