Is my TV worth fixing?

Episode 1728 (1:20:14)

Trish from Ventura, CA
Panasonic Viera

Trish's old Panasonic Viera flat-screen plasma TV finally went out. She tried to figure out what's wrong by looking online. Leo says you can get a lot of advice, most that don't help. Sadly, it's probably too expensive to repair. And they're so compact; they'd be practically impossible to fix. 

Having said that, Scooter X in the chatroom came across what could be an easy fix - You could also try resetting the TV.

Trish's 14 blinks indicate an issue with data exchange with the TV's CPU. Here's a tech note on it. Hold down the power switch for five seconds. That could trigger a factory reset.

It could be a simple overheating due to dust. Vacuuming it out or using canned air to blow it out around the vents could help.

You could also try calling Panasonic and see if there's a local repair office around. They could help you diagnose it and maybe even send a repair person. That's your last resort and it could cost more than the TV is worth.