Johnny Jet and the Huge Bomb of Change

Episode 1725 (1:19:30)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about the huge bomb that United has dropped, permanently eliminating fees for changing a flight, saving travelers hundreds. Southwest did it years ago, but the legacy careers would charge at least $200. But after United dropped theirs, Delta, American, Alaska, and Hawaii did the same. American also added international destinations like Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The change fees do apply for basic economy tickets, however, and Johnny says it'll show how stark the difference is in the difference in how much tickets cost from class to class. Leo adds that Amtrack dropped change fees over the Spring. 

In other travel news, CLEAR has added a feature to their app to tell you when to leave to get to the airport so you minimize your exposure to COVID at the airport. The app is free, but the service is $60 annually, with United charging $99 a year for their concierge service, with CLEAR included. Do you need it right now? Not really, The TSA lines aren't that long because of the pandemic. 

Johnny adds, that clearly the airlines are doing this to lure travelers back into the air. If only the hotels would do the same by eliminating the resort fees. So avoid hotels that do. And if you can't, email the manager and ask them to not charge it if you have no plans to use resort services.

In addition, Airlines are now banning travelers who are not wearing masks until the pandemic is over.