Should I use a DSLR for my youtube channel?

Episode 1724 (1:44:07)

Jacob from Dallas, TX
Roland Vocoder

Jacob wants to get a new home studio for hosting horror movies online. Leo says that's a great idea! Leo says that the Roland Vocoder is perfect for reproducing voice. If he needs to upgrade, how consistent will the voices be? Leo says that reproducibility is a high priority as you move from generation to generation. Singers would need to have that same sound every time. So the same effects will be similar. 

Jacob is also looking at the Canon M200 for his camera. Leo says that's a good option. Not a camcorder? Leo says no. Not at all. A DSLR is ideal. The only issue is that DSLRs can overheat with long recording times. Some will also stop at 29 minutes. But you'll get the ideal depth of field that camcorders can't give you. You also want to be sure your camera gives you "clean" HDMI with no overlays. You'll also need a power supply or dummy batteries to keep the camera on for a long time. But you have to be careful with third-party dummy batteries. They can brick your DSLR. Stick with Canon brands.

What about wireless audio monitors? Leo says that Sennheiser is the best, with ElectroVoice as a higher-end professional option.