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Watch Marcy from Inverness, FL Comments

Marcy is having trouble with her HP Office Jet Color printer. It won't print in color anymore. Her test page will. But nothing else. Leo says it could be a driver issue. He recommends updating your printer drivers. In this thread, it says that if you install a different driver, it'll fix the problem. Another solution is to remove the control of your printer from Windows by setting it as the default printer. That apparently makes the problem go away. Leo says that points to maybe a Windows-based driver causing the problem

Watch Micah from Maine Comments

Micah is interested in the Toyota Rav4 Prime Plugin Hybrid, which can go up to 40 miles before turning on the gas engine. What are Sam's thoughts? Sam Abuelsamid hasn't driven the Prime yet, but he has driven the Hybrid version that doesn't have a plugin feature and has a smaller battery. It can still go 42 miles and for most people, they will rarely use their gas engine driving around town. It's a lot like the Chevy Volt in that regard. Chevy data shows that 90% of all trips taken with the Volt didn't use a drop of gas. So it's a great option for people who don't have to worry about planning a route to stop for charging your EV. The real issue is availability. There are only about 5,000 Rav4 Primes in the US right now.

But the Ford Escape is also available. Very similar, and it's even more affordable at $7,000 less ($33K) than the R4P. 

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Watch Jack from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jack is going to be moving to the Philippines soon, and he wants to know if Linux will be able to share the same computer with separate logins. Leo says that Linux actually invented the concept of a multi-user computer with individual accounts. So they've been doing that long before Microsoft did.

Can Linux run Microsoft Office? Linux can also run Microsoft Office by using an app called WINE, but Leo says it's much easier to use the online version of Office. It's pretty much the same. 


Watch Dwayne from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dwayne wants to know more about virtual private networks. Leo says that VPNs essentially burrow an encrypted tunnel through the internet so that nobody can see what you're doing online. It's ideal when you're at a coffee shop and want to stay secure and private. People can see you're online, but not what you're doing.

Watch David from Ithaca, NY Comments

David is having issues with contact duplications across multiple contact lists due to sync. What can he do to clean them up? Leo says to pick one contact list to clean up. You can use apps to find duplicates and merge them into a single contact.  It'll take some time. Though Leo doesn't advise deleting old ones, in case you need to contact them someday. Once you've eliminated the dupes. SAVE IT. Back it up. It's your "canonical address book." 

Then go to other address book locations and delete them all. Once you've done that, you can import your Canonical address Book. And turn syncing back on. Now you've cleaned up all your address books. But this isn't something you can only do once. You'll have to do it again from time to time because sync creates duplicates.

Some good third-party paid address books to consider are CardHop for macOS and iOS. Contacts+ (subscription). 

Dave also wants to know what format he should record his college video lectures on. He's recording in .mov. How can he save it into a smaller codec? Leo says you can use iMovie, and Leo advises recording in H.265 / HEVC. Most modern codecs are a combination of high compression, but good quality. Leo used to use ScreenFlow. He also likes Camtasia

Leo also suggests reencoding your lectures using just upload it to YouTube and let them do all the heavy lifting, encoding in more than 40 different formats. Just upload your best quality video and they will do the rest.

Check out Alex Lindsay's Office Hours for other suggestions.


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Watch Jacob from Dallas, TX Comments

Jacob wants to get a new home studio for hosting horror movies online. Leo says that's a great idea! Leo says that the Roland Vocoder is perfect for reproducing voice. If he needs to upgrade, how consistent will the voices be? Leo says that reproducibility is a high priority as you move from generation to generation. Singers would need to have that same sound every time. So the same effects will be similar. 

Jacob is also looking at the Canon M200 for his camera. Leo says that's a good option. Not a camcorder? Leo says no. Not at all. A DSLR is ideal. The only issue is that DSLRs can overheat with long recording times. Some will also stop at 29 minutes. But you'll get the ideal depth of field that camcorders can't give you. You also want to be sure your camera gives you "clean" HDMI with no overlays. You'll also need a power supply or dummy batteries to keep the camera on for a long time. But you have to be careful with third-party dummy batteries. They can brick your DSLR. Stick with Canon brands.

What about wireless audio monitors? Leo says that Sennheiser is the best, with ElectroVoice as a higher-end professional option. 

Watch Rebecca from South Pasadena, CA Comments

Rebecca is a teacher who is struggling with keeping her students interest during distance learning. Leo says that dialogue is the most important part of teaching. That question and answer time, rather than just play another youtube video for them. They can do that. 

Her computer is running out of "application memory," even after installing a new hard drive. She uses macOS High Sierra. She tried to update, but it won't let her. Leo says that her computer is too old to update. Also, you may be running low on memory because your hard drive is running out of space. So try and free up at least 2GB or more of hard drive space. Also cleaning up your desktop can help. 

But Rebecca should be able to install macOS Catalina and he suspects that the technician who replaced her hard drive did it wrong. Wipe the drive and do a clean install to the OS, update it, then restore your data and everything should be OK.

Watch Jim from San Clemente, CA Comments

Jim has a 2009 iMac. He's thinking about buying a new one, or wait for the new Apple Silicon models? Leo says if you need it now, go get a new iMac. Leo doesn't think the Apple Silicon iMacs will be out for at least a year and Apple will be supporting Intel macs for "years to come." So there's no reason to wait.

Also, should you buy the first version of anything? You can get one next time around.

Watch Sundeep from Orlando, FL Comments

Sundeep wants to know if GoToMyPC is better than Microsoft's own native remote desktop. Leo says that if you have Windows Pro, remote desktop is free. But Windows remote desktop has a number of significant flaws that represent a serious security issue for users. One magazine even said that "it's time to disconnect Remote Desktop from the internet. You also don't want to use it "bare" on the internet. You need to use a VPN or proxy server. So Leo advises not using Remote Desktop. Use a third-party service like GoToMyPC. But there's also RemotePC (a sponsor of the radio show), Team Viewer, LogMeIn, and others.