Sam Abuelsamid ... getting Lucid

Episode 1720 (22:56)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about a new car company called LUCID, which will be building a new line of electric vehicles in Arizona. Leo says it's got a great design that omits headlights in favor of strips of Super Bright LED lights running across the nose. The VP of engineering was the designer of the Tesla Model S. Lucid also provides battery packs for electric racing leagues. 

Sam says that the Lucid will cost over $100,000 and will have a super high range battery as a result. 

In other news, GM will begin charging a monthly fee for its Super Cruise autopilot feature. In order to use it, customers will have to sign up for OnStar at $25 a month. BMW is also planning a monthly subscription for certain features but backed down from a monthly subscription for Apple Carplay.