Do I Have to Install the Latest Windows 10 Update?

Episode 1719 (57:55)

Jeffrey from Brooklyn, NY
Windows 10

Jeff has been spending hours downloading the 2004 version of Windows 10 and it's still not done. Is it important? Leo says that 2004 (April 2020) version (or 20H2) is a "feature" update, not a critical update. In fact, most of the features are things you won't use or even notice.  So users don't really need it. But Microsoft won't let users defer it for any longer than a month. To defer it, go into update "advanced" options and select a date. One thing they can do is set Windows for "metered," in download settings and it'll defer it longer. Eventually, users are going to have to because WIndows may not update critical security patches if it isn't up to date.