Sam Abuelsamid and the AutoWasher

Episode 1718 (26:33)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to talk about over-relying on autonomous features that aren't really autonomous but are hyped that way. Called "Autowashing," it's a concept where a company hypes the autonomous nature of a feature that isn't' really autonomous. Self-driving features are hyped this way. In reality, it's more like "driver assist," and over-marketing it as anything more than that can be inherently dangerous as people think they don't have to pay attention to the road.

On top of that, every manufacturer uses different nomenclature and branded words to describe these features. So it can get confusing. A good website to see what your car can and can't do is by the NTSB. It's designed to educate consumers on what today's cars really can and cannot do.