Google Announces Pixel 4a, Discontinues Pixel 4. Samsung the Note 20 and Fold 2

Episode 1718 (04:09)

Google Pixel 4a

Google has announced the new Pixel 4a and discontinued the Pixel 4. Leo says that at $350, it signals that users are done paying over $1,000 for a mobile phone every two years.

But Samsung seems to have not gotten that message, announcing the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 for a rumored $2,000. The Fold 2 improves on all the flaws in the original, that suffered from broken screens and hinges. Leo also says it should be the Fold 2.5. It has a 7.6" screen, a redesigned hinge, and other features that address the flaws of the first. Leo says that's a lot of money to pay for what he says is an experiment.

They also announced the new Note 20 (at around $1.,000), with Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds, a new watch, and a new Galaxy Tab tablet. Leo says that at nearly twice as much as the starting price of the iPad, it makes him wonder what's the point. Android apps really aren't there yet.

The new Motorola Galaxy Edge is also now out, and Leo says it works really well at under $350. Nice screen, Fingerprint reader. The iPhone SE is still Apple's best seller and it's around $350 as well.