How Can I Protect My Credit Cards From Being Hacked?

Episode 1717 (1:35:20)

Randy from North Hollywood, CA

Randy's credit cards and bank cards have been hacked and stolen. He uses different companies. Did they steal his card numbers because of shopping online? Leo says to look at the common thread. Leo says to look at the common thread. Someone clearly got to where Randy keeps all those numbers stored. So they may have hacked into his Amazon account or his Google account. Make sure those numbers are blocked. The good news is, that his credit card companies will be monitoring it and will warn him. They will then lock the card and reissue them. 

It's also possible the computer or phone got hacked, more likely the computer. But he can wipe the phone and start over, just to be safe.  There is a known hack on Android that affects older, out of date Android devices. It sounds like that may be the case. And if he really wants to be secure, get an iPhone.

Moving forward, how can he keep them safe? Leo says to use a middle man charge card that is only used for one merchant. It's called a "burner card." Check out (TWiT Sponsor) Capital One has a similar service called Eeno.

A password vault like LastPass to store cards is also a good idea.