How can I cut the cable and get over the air TV?

Episode 1716 (1:33:52)

Jay from Temecula, CA
Silicondust HDHomeRun

Jay was thinking of dropping his cable connection and getting a SilconDust HDHomeRun Premium. Leo is waiting for it, but it's been delayed. And cable is ridiculously expensive. How can he get channels with an antenna without a receiver? Leo says that the Home Run Duo or Quatro have multiple tuners to watch one show and record another. Midnight Commander is another good one. The Amazon FireTV ReCast is a new one. Tableau (they want a fee though). You can even use PLEX on your network. If you have an antenna that's line of sight, then you're in a great position to use it to watch over the air broadcast for no charge. 

And streaming isn't the deal it used to be, because they're getting more expensive now too, as content creators and local channels demand more money. Over the Air for live and local channels will always be free.  Check out and, both will tell you what channels you can get in your area and what's the best antenna for your needs.