The Giz Wiz and the Splash Pad

Episode 1713 (2:08:00)


It's not a swimming pool, but something the company calls a splash or sprinkler play mat. I purchased the QPAU Sprinkler Play Mat on Amazon. Kids love to play with water, especially during the hot weather, so this an easy way to let them do that. This 68" Splash Play Mat inflates and sprays water when connected to a garden hose. (No air pump needed.) It's designed to be placed on lawns so it's soft underneath for kid's play. The spray can be adjusted by the water pressure feeding the hose. It's great for hot weather fun for young kids age 3 to 5 (& up!). No where does the company mention how thick the PVC for the splash pad is, but online review mention, probably not rugged enough for dogs to play in. MSRP: $29.99, but it is usually selling for less online.



QPAU Video Kids Playing


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