Why can't I reformat my backup drives?

Episode 1712 (36:32)

Kyle from Oskaloosa, Iowa
Synology DiskStation DS620slim 6-Bay NAS Enclosure

Kyle has a home theater PC loaded with media and backups on ten different hard drives that he swaps out. Leo calls that a JBOD (just a bunch of discs). But Kyle is having an issue with the drives getting errors while erasing and starting a new backup. Leo says that the flaw could also be in the backups themselves. It also changed to MBR (master boot record) and cut the drive storage in half. He also can't reformat it with GUID using Windows 10. Is there a special utility he can use? Leo says there is an MBR to GUID command in Windows. Check out this tech note - https://www.thewindowsclub.com/convert-mbr-to-gpt-disk. If you can't convert the drive, then that points to the drive being damaged, and it needs to be replaced.

Leo also recommends going to a RAID 5 array. If any drive dies, you can replace it, and the RAID will rebuild it. Leo also recommends going with a Network Attached Storage. Leo likes Synology for that; you can even get two and have one off-site. Then you can automatically sync them.