What do I need to do a live stream?

Episode 1712 (46:51)

Mark from Costa Mesa, CA
Stream live to YouTube!

Mark is a podcaster and scriptwriter.  He's been asked to create a live stream for a martial arts organization. What equipment does he need to create the stream and look good? Leo says that it depends on it's a one way or two-way stream. If one way, then the easiest way is to use YouTube Live or Facebook Live. YouTube Live is better because people don't need an account to watch it. With Facebook Live, you do. YouTube LIve can also be done from any computer or even your smartphone, and the stream is automatically saved for later on-demand viewing. Check out this tech note - https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6273849?hl=en

Leo recommends using OBS Studio. It's free and open source. Very popular with gamers for live streaming. You can add effects, videos from another source, or even multiple cameras. 

There's also a commercial product called eCamm for the Mac There's also ReStream. Leo also likes the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro, which will stream up to four sources live to all your sources. And at $600, it's a bargain.

Mark's podcast is called PlotPoints Podcast