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Episode 1711 July 18, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mark from Tustin, CA Comments

Mark is interested in a good camera gimbal for his mobile device. Leo says that DJI has a great line called the DJI Ronin for DSLRs and other cameras, and the Osmo For smaller cameras. He can even get them for action cameras and mobile devices. Or, he can go with the DJI Osmo Pocket which has its own camera built-in. So it largely depends on the budget. It's generally more affordable to get one for a smartphone. 

There's also a great one for vloggers called the ZVb1. But it's not a gimbal per se. takes advantage of the camera's internal Optical Image stabilization. 

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Watch David from Wichita Falls, TX Comments

David wanted to create his own internet radio station. Leo says the problem is, that one will have to pay ASCAP/BMI license fees based on how many people are listening and how often one plays the music. There are internet radio options out there that offer the service including ASCAP/BMI fees. is one option. There's also a free tier that enables one to play up to 25GB of music for free.

Watch Todd from Cincinnati Comments

Todd has over 50,000 45RPM record collection from running a jukebox vending machine company back in the day. How can he organize them? Can he use optional character recognition (OCR) and his mobile phone to create a database? He could then take them online and sell them. Leo says as long as the label is easy to read, he can definitely do it. There are dozens, if not more, OCR scanning apps that can create it. He'll want an easel to hold the record still. 

Google also has Google Keep, which uses OCR as well. But it may be a challenge to export it. Google TakeOut may be able to do it, and then output it as a CSV file that one could import into a spreadsheet or database file. Structured OCR (SOCR) would work even better. Amazon's Textract is an online service that could benefit from SOCR. 

Watch Sandy from Long Beach, CA Comments

Sandy wants to buy a domain name, but it worried that if her registrar goes out of business, that she'll lose it. Leo says that isn't how it works. Once she registers a domain, that information is transferred to ICANN, which keeps the registry. The key is to buy it herself and not use a middle man like a consultant, who could register it in their own name and just give access. Buy it directly from a registrar like Google Domains.

Watch Doctor Mom from San Diego, CA Comments

Doctor Mom's Amazon Wireless Echo buds are overheating. The solution is to install a firmware update, but if she closes the case, the Bluetooth shuts off. So she will have to open up the case so that the EarBuds can connect and update. It'll take a half-hour.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch John from Newport Beach, CA Comments

John has a Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan business cards into his Mac. But a recent update doesn't support macOS anymore. Nor will it support the images that get scanned. Leo says it's probably because of 32-bit software that macOS doesn't support anymore. As such, many companies are dropping functions, rather than try and retrofit the software to work. According to the Chatroom, Fujitsu is making new software, they're just killing the old version. Check out this link.

 Leo says the good news is, that one doesn't really need a dedicated scanner to do that anymore. There are apps that will scan business cards from a mobile phone. And one can export the data into a variety of apps like Outlook, Address Book, Excel, or SalesForce. Even Google Contacts. So get that old data exported, using CSV (comma-separated value), and then import it.  But what about the image of the business card? Leo says to dig around the Mac and look for the images. r/c or CMD+Click the datafile and select "open package." That may have them. 

Watch Melissa from Minnesota Comments

Melissa has an LG Stylo 5 mobile phone and the phone has been locked down after she inputs a pin code into it. Now she has forgotten the pin and only has 30 tries to get back in. Leo says that worst case, the phone will erase back to factory defaults. So she won't lose the phone itself. But there's data she doesn't want to lose. Can LG get the data off? 

Leo says that if the phone has WiFi backup, then it's been saved to the cloud or to your PC. So look on Google Drive and see if it's there. LG also says that there should be an option to reset the Pincode again if you forget it. She may also be able to get back in with a Google password. Melissa may also have an LG account and it could be backed up there.

From the Chatroom -

Watch Ron from Downey, CA Comments

Ron got a message that Google is eliminating Google Play Music and moving it all to YouTube Music. Can he upload his new music too? Leo says that if he pays for Google Play Music, the account will simply be moved over. So press transfer when getting the email and it'll be moved over. Whatever he had with the free tier of GPM, he'll have for the free tier of YTM. 

Another option is to use Google TakeOut and redownload music to another service. In fact, do that first.

Watch Mark from Burbank Comments

Mark has pictures on his Windows 10 PC, but he doesn't get the thumbnail to see what it is. Leo says Mark needs to rebuild the thumbnail cache. The Windows Disk Clean-Up tool will do it. Windows Key + disk cleanup and return. Select This PC, Drive, and Properties. Check the thumbnails option and it will rebuild it. It'll take a while, but it'll do the job.