Why can't Libre Office read my database files?

Episode 1710 (39:21)

Dale from Dallas, TX
Libre Office

Dale updated to Windows 10, and it screwed up his laptop. He had it all fixed, and it turned out to be a dead hard drive. So he has a new hard drive, but now the program he wrote in Access to collect his library of books won't open in an open-source database like Libre Office, while it worked before. What can he do? Leo says as long as Dale has the original Access database file, he should be able to convert it into something more easily readable by Libre Office. Dale can also try using the free Microsoft Access Runtime utility to read the database file directly. That should let you read and retrieve your data to put in Open Office or Libre Office. 

Microsoft Office 365 also offers a free 30-day trial that you can use to export into a CSV file that can then be imported into a free database utility. This is an excellent reason to have a backup file for your data.