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Watch Anthony from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Anthony wants to know why if his WiFi will interfere with 5G. Leo says that 5G is fifth-generation cellular and that differs from your WiFi signal. Anthony's WiFi has a different source, frequency, and transmission medium.

There may be home internet via 5G, but that's done via cellular, not WiFi. They're two distinctly different technologies. 

Watch Dale from Dallas, TX Comments

Dale updated to Windows 10, and it screwed up his laptop. He had it all fixed, and it turned out to be a dead hard drive. So he has a new hard drive, but now the program he wrote in Access to collect his library of books won't open in an open-source database like Libre Office, while it worked before. What can he do? Leo says as long as Dale has the original Access database file, he should be able to convert it into something more easily readable by Libre Office. Dale can also try using the free Microsoft Access Runtime utility to read the database file directly. That should let you read and retrieve your data to put in Open Office or Libre Office. 

Microsoft Office 365 also offers a free 30-day trial that you can use to export into a CSV file that can then be imported into a free database utility. This is an excellent reason to have a backup file for your data.

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Watch Joe from Glendale, CA Comments

Joe got an email from Facebook saying his password has been changed. He changed it and turned on 2-factor authentication, but the password keeps getting changed back. Leo says that's a scary thought and he probably got bit by a phishing scam and that Facebook didn't send him an email at all. Leo says if it was legit, the first thing the hacker would do is change the email notification. 

Leo also says to change your 2-factor from a text message to an authenticator. Leo recommends Authy or Google Authenticator. Ignore emails and texts altogether when it comes to Facebook. Use Authy. Free on your mobile device for Android or iOS.

You're also going to want to change your email password again. Do it from your email's web interface. Then you'll need to change it in the settings of your email client. If your email has been compromised, it can wreak a lot of havoc with your bank and any other online service that requires your email to log in.

Watch Donald from Camarillo, CA Comments

Donald is dealing with a horizontal crop issue on his TV. He tried to change the aspect ratio, but all he seems to be able to do is zoom it in, which doesn't help. Leo says that there could be a fit screen option that's been enabled. It could be called Zoom or Stretch. Underscan may also be the option. Try looking for that and disable it. Also, look for 1-for-1 / 1:1.or 16:9. Some movies may end up with letterboxing however. If it does, then zooming it will distort the image and crop off the image like that. So check your aspect ratio settings.

If that doesn't help, it's likely a hardware issue and since Don's TV is 10 years old, it's time to get a new one. 

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Watch Ann from Fullerton, California Comments

Ann's Macbook Pro is stuck on OSX Yosemite. Apple says they can't update her to Catalina. Leo says Yosemite isn't all that old. 

So now she wants to get a new Mac. Leo says the longer you can wait, the better. She's worried that if she buys an Intel-based mac now, it'll be worthless tomorrow. Leo says that isn't true. Apple is committed to Intel for the next two years at least, while it develops its new ARM-based Apple Silicon chips. It'll be a steady transition to their own chips. 

So you can buy an Intel Mac now and it'll be viable for at least two years and Apple will likely support them for "years to come." There's no need to worry. In fact, Leo advises patience on the first model. He thinks it's a good idea to wait until the second-generation Apple Silicon.  So if Ann wants a new Macbook, there's no shame in sticking with Intel Macs for the near future.


Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George is getting a new iPhone XS Max and wants to know what wireless charger to get. Leo says that an easel charger is a great option because it's easier to align for charging. Anker makes a great one called the Powerwave 7.5. Leo uses that one. But any Qi-compatible easel charger will work.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria has a Roku stick plugged into her TV. But after she turns off the TV, the TV comes on automatically. What gives? Leo says that there's a feature called CEC, or consumer electronics control, which automatically if you nudge the remote and turns on the TV and sets the TV to the last thing you watched. You can turn off the feature in your Roku settings or your TV settings if you don't like it.

Gloria also hears that Microsoft won't be supporting Windows 10 with Microsoft 365 soon. Really? Leo says no, it may not support older Windows 10 updates. But the OS, on the whole, will be supported because Microsoft says it's the last OS they'll ever develop. But Gloria will need to keep Windows 10 updated to use Microsoft 365 because Microsoft is going to a subscription model on Office. 

But why do that when you can install Libre Office for free? For most people, it's all they need.

Watch John from Riverside, California Comments

John has WiFi in his truck and it goes in and out. Would using his cell hotspot fix that? Leo says no, dead spots are in between cell towers, which can cause your cellular signal to go in and out. That has nothing to do with WiFi. The only way to avoid it is satellite, and that has its own challenges with maintaining the aim of the dish. The real solution is what ISPs have the best coverage maps. But a dead zone is a dead zone, and until the cell company puts up more towers, you have to live with it. How about a cell booster? Leo says it could help, but only marginally.

Will 5G fix it? Leo says not initially. In fact, it may make it worse. 5G doesn't travel well, which requires more towers. So again, the answer is more towers to eliminate the dead zones.

Watch Michael from Sacramento, CA Comments

Michael says the time has come to let go of his Apple Airport and update to a new router. Leo says new mesh technologies do a better job and Apple hasn't kept the Airport design up to date. But Michael uses Time Machine to back up his Mac. Do any of the mesh systems offer USB support? Leo suggests going with Network Attached Storage or NAS and backup that way. That will work with any router. Leo prefers Synology, and you'll also need to buy the hard drives to put into them. A good two drive model would work great, and it supports Time Machine. It also backs up to the cloud.