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Watch Sheryl from Temecula, CA Comments

Sheryl has a 24/7 live stream of wildlife on called Hoot House Live Stream. She uses a Wyze cam but it's not made for live streaming and glitches out from time to time. Leo says to look for a POE (power over ethernet) or PTZ camera. NEST cams are also good.

Sal calls to let Leo know about WyzeCam's latest outdoor wireless cam, was just released. Leo says that's a cool design, but it's designed to be battery powered and only turns on with movement, to conserve battery life. 

Watch Mike from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Mike wants to know how he can automatically upload his images from his Google Pixel 3 to Amazon Prime. Leo says there's a setting in the prime photos app that will upload what's on the phone and upload it. Anything that's in google photos, however, will need to be moved over manually. But there's a way to do that in batches. 

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Watch Sam from San Diego, CA Comments

Sam is getting an error in Google Chrome that says "oh snap, something went wrong." What gives? Leo says that something has gone wrong with the browser that's causing it to crash. It could be an extension that Sam recently installed that's causing the trouble. Leo adds that Sam duplicated the issue one another computer with no errors at all. He says that points to something installed in the extensions that are causing it. Look in the extensions and disable or remove any extensions unwanted. Then try again. 

Sam also wants to get a 32" Samsung QLED TV. Good buy? Leo says that they are great TVs, but a 32" is very small, so if Sam can afford a larger TV, like 55", that would be good.

Watch Joe from San Clemente, CA Comments

Joe's son wants to get into voiceover. He's been doing video editing in school but wants to move over to voice work. What microphone and mixer should he get? Leo says that a mixer may not be necessary. Start with a USB Microphone and go into the computer directly. However, Behringer has a podcast setup that has a mixer and mic for a very low cost. What about the Blue Yeti? Leo isn't a fan for that purpose. He recommends a SHURE SM58. Also, get a Focusrite Scarlet. Those two will give a great sound.

Watch Max from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Max is looking for a small and simple wireless printer that's easier to use. Leo says that most printers are wireless these days, connecting to the network. An inkjet is probably the best if one needs color, but understand that they'll need to use it regularly in order to keep the ink flowing without getting the heads clogged. If one seldom uses it, a color laser printer is the best bet, but the colors aren't bright and not for printing photos. 

Brother makes a very inexpensive laser printer. But the toner cartridges aren't cheap. But they last a long time. Samsung makes a good laser printer as well, as does HP. But Leo isn't a fan of HP printers anymore. Where to get? Any office supply store will do. They all have them.

Max's iPhone X is also getting a ton of dropped calls when connected to their car. Leo says that there's likely an incompatibility the say Bluetooth is configured in an older model car, vs. what the iPhone is using. Check out this discussion on problems with Toyota and Bluetooth -

But if it's dropping calls, that's a carrier issue.

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Watch Nus from Palm Beach, FL Comments

Nus is having issues with Google and his Duo app. Leo says that click on the three dots in the right-hand corner and it will show what account users are signed in with. It's possible that Nus signed out or removed his account accidentally. Nus says it doesn't remember it and tells him "something went wrong." Leo says that usually means it can't write to it. He recommends uninstalling Duo and reinstalling. Leo also recommends going into the phone app settings and look under the DUO app for clearing storage and cache. That will wipe it clean and start over. 

Nus' phone is a Huawei phone and it could be that it can't use Google services anymore due to issues with the Chinese government and security. The good news is that the Google Pixel 4a is about to come out and the Pixel 5 a month later. It would be a good time to upgrade. 


Watch David from Ft, Lauderdale, FL Comments

David can listen to his podcast app in the background, but YouTube TV shuts off when he's doing something else. What gives? Leo says that once iOS14 comes out, the picture in picture will be activated (it already has on the iPad). Apple has been very careful with what runs in the background and Apple is very aggressive in killing background processes. But YouTubeTV will be one of those that will PiP in the fall. David could try the Public Beta right now by signing up for it here. But it's up to YouTube to enable it, and they may not have with Youtube TV.

It may work on a browser though, per Carmine in the chatroom. Run YouTube in Safari.