What's the best Chromebox for $500?

Episode 1706 (13:43)

John from St. Petersberg, FL
Acer Chromebook

John is working from home and needs to get a  new computer. Would a Chromebox work? He already has a Chromebook, but it's too small for daily use. Leo says that you can get Chromebooks in just about any price and performance level. It just depends on how much John wants to spend and what he needs. John's budget is $500. Leo says that the ASUS Chromebox 3 is a good option starting at $300. It's an i3 processor and 4K graphics. But you can upgrade to an i7. But that's almost $1000. If you want a Chromebox, that's the brand Leo would go with. What about Linux? Can he buy a Linux machine? Leo says if you like Chrome, you'll love Linux. Lenovo sells them. System76 does as well. But Leo recommends not making it your main computer initially. Make it your "fun" computer, to play with.