Is My Hard Drive Failing?

Episode 1703 (57:35)

Tracy from Long Beach, California

Tracy's iMac takes about an hour to boot up. What's wrong? Could it be ransomware? Leo says no, it's more than likely a worn-out hard drive. Back up data and get a new hard drive. But Leo says it's not trivial to replace a hard drive in iMac. She will need a ton of special tools, including a giant suction cup. She can get the tools from and watch videos on how, but Leo says it's just a better idea to have Apple do it and get an SSD to replace it. Right now, she can arrange to drop off and pick up. Just call Apple to arrange.

Tracy also has been getting robocalls from "Apple LC" saying her computer is reporting a problem. Leo says that is an obvious scam, and not a good one. Apple will never call!