Did I download a virus from an app?

Episode 1702 (1:20:37)

RIchard from Windsor, CA
Amazon Kindle Fire

Richard put Facebook Messenger onto his wife's Kindle tablet. Since then, he's had nothing but trouble with his network. He didn't get it from the Kindle store, so he's worried he's been hacked. Leo says that Richard probably was since he googled and clicked on the first link he found. Leo says that's why its important to go to the official source like the Kindle app store. If bad guys can steer you to a website, they can infect you. But it may not be the Kindle that's been infected. It could be the router or modem. But Leo says it's not likely. Still, since it's affecting Richard's other devices, it could be. Leo recommends unplugging the router and letting it sit for a minute or two then plug it back in. Most exploits are transient and doing that will wipe it out. Your ISP can even reprovision and flush out your router remotely if they provided it. Leo suspects that'll solve the problem. 

It's also a good idea to backup your data.