Why Can't I Log Into Gmail?

Episode 1701 (21:22)

Daisy from Huntington Beach, CA

Daisy is a teacher, who is now doing distance learning with her kids and she's having issues logging into her district Gmail account. She gets a google sign-in page that opens when she goes to Google Hangouts. She now can't get into her account. Leo suspects that is a phony phishing scam that has gotten her credentials and then locked her out. Leo suggests contacting the district IT office and have the password reset and 2-factor authentication set up so that it won't happen again. 

But it could also be a corrupted cookie. So Leo says to clear the browser cache of the cookies. She can even just delete all the google ones and leave the rest alone. That should prompt her to re-sign in. If it works, it was just a corrupted file. But if it doesn't, the account may have been compromised.