Should I buy a replacement HP laptop?

Episode 1700 (1:38:42)

Brian from New York, NY
HP Spectre 4K

Brian picked up a new HP Spectre 4K laptop with 16GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, and a thunderbolt port. But out of the blue, it won't boot. No power. Just out of warranty. The battery is charged, there's power going to the board, but nothing. He's discovered a known problem with the HP Spectre voltage regulator. A repair place found it in Northridge. And HP won't even take the call without $100 charge because it's out of warranty. Leo says that HP should consider doing an out of warranty fix if they want to keep customers coming back. Brian has decided he won't buy a replacement, choosing a NUC instead. Much easier to repair. Cheaper too.

Check out NorthridgeFix if you have a similar issue. He also has a YouTube channel.

Leo also says that if Brian is going to keep working from home, he may want to consider buying an extended warranty, since he's now his own IT department.