Are there third party add-ons for my car to integrate my mobile device?

Episode 1700 (14:37)

Andy from Mizzoula, MT
Accele RVCLPMBS Backup Camera

Andy has a 2004 Chevy Truck and wants to know if he can get aftermarket add ons for Bluetooth, GPS, and a backup camera. He'd also like to install sensors to collision detection. Leo says he isn't sure about the last one, but a new head unit (stereo) that supports Apple Carplay or Android Auto can do most of the things that Andy wants, and it connects to your phone to do just about all that.  And most units can do both. There are third party backup cameras as well that you can then install into the headend. The chatroom says to head over to and go to the model section, enter your car details, and it will give you some great options.

Sam Abuelsamid agrees on the head unit.