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Watch Bob from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bob hasn't updated his computer to Windows 10 yet because he uses an app called Microsoft Map Point, which won't work with the updated OS. What Leo recommends is to go ahead and upgrade to Windows 10 to get the upgrade, and then roll back to Windows 7. That way, you can still have the upgrade entitlement when you're ready to move forward. But you can also look at other map apps. There's plenty of alternatives out there, like Google Maps and Waze. Bing Maps may also have similar features, and there's also Windows Maps, an app in Windows 10. So take a look at that. 

From the Chatroom, although it's not officially supported, there is a way to install Map Point with Windows 10. Check it out here.

Jim in LA called at the end of hour 2 to add that the AAA website still offers "Triptiks," a travel planner where you can create your own maps online with multiple locations and then download them

Watch Scott from Binghamton, NY Comments

Scott is having issues with his Synology NAS. He can't access it remotely. Leo says it sounds like a settings issue and he recommends going into the router settings and see if the router can see it. Then reserve the DNS number that's listed for that Synology. If it doesn't, there could be a problem with your router or with a power surge that fried your board. But that's unlikely. 

Check out this tech note on troubleshooting NAS connection problems -

Doctor Mom also says that the Synology stores the IP in its memory if the IP has changed the router will see it, but you can't log in the

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Watch RayAnne from Sun City, CA Comments

RayAnne has a used computer, but it has no WiFi access. Can she get a dongle to add it? Leo says yes, you can buy a USB WiFi dongle. You'll also be able to connect nearly automatically. It'll prompt you to download drivers and then enter your WiFi access point and password. Leo also recommends getting one that has a larger antenna, so that you can get better reception. And they're not expensive either. Around $10-20.

Watch Beverly from Sierra Madre, CA Comments

Beverly says that after the last iOS 13.4.1 update on her iPhone, she has to reboot her phone to run any app. Leo suspects that the update was corrupted when downloaded. He recommends backing up your phone and then wipe it and reset your phone. Connect the phone to your PC via USB and then use iTunes to run the encrypted backup and wipe it. Erase all the content and everything. See if that solves the problem. If it does, then you can restore that backup. Here's a guide to help:

Watch Ted from On the Road Comments

Ted thinks that cities should offer free citywide WiFi. Leo says that many cities have done that, but telcos have lobbied congress and even state governments to prohibit municipal WiFi, claiming it's anti-competitive. And it's in 23 states so far and counting. Leo adds that Elon Musks Starlink satellite WiFi network will make the debate a moot point.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim says that the AAA website still offers "Triptiks," a travel planner where you can create your own maps online with multiple locations and then download them.

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Watch Ron from San Marcos, CA Comments

Ron has a new iMac which he updated to macOS Catalina. But now he can't get it to print to his HP OfficeJet. He downloaded the latest drivers, but that hasn't helped. Leo says that those drivers may not be for macOS Catalina. Go into the System Preference page and see if it sees the printer. If it does, then select add and let macOS download the drivers itself. You may also need to remove the printer and then add it again.

Another issue could be that the drivers work with 32-bit libraries, and Catalina doesn't support that. So your printer may now be incompatible unless HP updates the drivers with 64-bit libraries.  ScooterX in the chatroom says that if Ron goes to the HP site, it will detect the OS and suggests for Catalina is HP Easy Start version

Here are a few technotes to help -

Watch Joe from Looking Glass, OR Comments

Joe bought an HTC U11 a few years ago, which could sync with Outlook. But they stopped supporting it and Android killed the sync feature. So how can he sync the phone's outlook contacts before he upgrades to a new phone? Leo says there's a good free third party tool that will sync with the Windows Contacts manager called Syncios Mobile Manager for Android. It'll sync with Windows 10 People app, which can then sync with your Outlook. ​

Watch G. Scott from Finland, MN Comments

GScott has a ton of vinyl records and he'd like to listen to them again. How can he connect a record player to his AV receivers without disconnecting his home theater system? Optical out to the TV, and then use the composite connections? Leo says yes. You'll have a setting in your TV that turns on the optical audio option. The turntable he is getting will have a preamp in it as well as a USB to capture. Leo says that as long as the audio is balanced by a preamp, it'll work just fine.

What about bookshelf speakers? Leo says powered speakers will have a built-in amp and power. So that should be fine. The AV receiver will even work as a power source. Look at ELAC: they make very affordable, high-quality bookshelf speakers. Highly recommended by Leo. 

Watch Mark from Panama City, FL Comments

Mark has a 2012 iMac and a 2018 Mac Mini, along with a 2016 MacBook Pro and 12" iPad Pro. Can he hook up his Macbook Pro or his MacMini to his iMac and use the display? It can on a limited number of iMacs and is called Target Display Mode. IT requires a thunderbolt connection. Here's how - It may not work with Mark's model, but you can do it. Only for models mid 2011 to late 2014.

Watch Jeff from Noxville, TN Comments

Jeff wants to cut the cord and get over the air broadcast TV. How can he do that these days? Leo says to visit two sites .... and They will not only tell you what channels you can get in your area, but what's the best digital antenna to get them.