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Watch Benjamin from Pacific Palisades, CA Comments

Ben has a twelve-year-old Mac that runs Entourage for his email client with AOL. But it has stopped working. Then it started working again a month later on its own, then stopped receiving mail a month later. Leo suspects that AOL may be the culprit. But also, Entourage hasn't been updated in years because it was discontinued by Microsoft in favor of Outlook. But Leo doesn't like that option either because both store email in one giant file, forcing Ben to rebuild it when it gets corrupted. It's a terrible way to do email. That's why using a client that stores email in plain text files is better. What Leo recommends is to back up the PST file occasionally, because it will fail again. Also check the settings. 

Leo also recommends just using a stock MacMail client, or go with Gmail as a provider. Ben can then have his AOL/Verizon account forward to Gmail.  Leo also uses MailMate. It's not free, but it's good for the price.

Watch Chuck from Lawrence, KS Comments

Chuck can't get his air printer to work wirelessly. He can't print from the iPhone or iPad. But he can print from his Mac. Leo says that Chuck's Macs are printing straight over WiFi, not via AirPrint. That's why they can work. Go to the printer options page and make sure it isn't printing to the old printer. Also look to see if the mobile devices can "see" the printer. If it doesn't, then it can't print. So it's likely an issue with the Epson's Wifi settings. Check-in there and look to see if it's AirPrint enabled. Check out this link -

Watch Bob from Atlanta, GA Comments

Mike has a friend who's email got hacked and redirected to a Gmail account he didn't control. They were, however, able to get it back. Leo says to make sure 2-factor authentication is turned on as well. Then go to every account associated with that email and not only turn on 2FA but change the passwords.

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Watch Dino from Claremont, CA Comments

Dino uses a label program to create address labels. But after an update, it stopped working. Support wants him to uninstall the Adobe Flash Security option. Leo says that's a problem because flash is a security issue itself and turning off the security app makes you vulnerable. Leo also recommends exporting out data and then finding a better label program.

Watch Larry from Texas Comments

Larry is trying to boot up Linux from his USB key. Leo says that you can go to and get one for about $36. It's got Linux on a bootable USB. It won't work on every computer, but will on those models that enable USB booting. You just have to change the boot order in your BIOS settings to check the USB drive. But you can make your own. Go to and download PopOS ISO file. They also have instructions on how to create your bootable USB. Then use a program called to write the ISO to your USB key. So you're only paying for the USB drive itself, and everyone has those lying around.

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Watch Joselyn from California Comments

Joselyn has a Netgear Streaming box and it's no longer supported. Can he turn it into an AndroidTV box? Leo says that it would be a great idea if he could do it. Leo says if anyone would know how to do it, it would be XDA Developers Forums. It's called "rooting," and you go there and input the box's model number into the forum search and see if anyone has done it. He'll have to modify or unlock the bootloader and then find a ROM firmware that can do it. 

But if he can't, the only really good Android TV box now is the Invidia Shield. So get that instead.  And you can check out these options at AndroidCentral -

Watch Bonnie from Louisiana Comments

Bonnie wants to get a fun ringtone and download it to her phone. How can she get it from Zedge? Leo says that it's silly to buy ringtones anymore because anyone can make them easily. Once a user has an MP3 of the sound, then he/she can convert it to a ringtone using iTunes. They can then change the m4a file to an m4r just by renaming it and sync it to the phone. That's the concept. Here's how - Even easier, users can use Garage Band on their mobile phone and then save it as a ringtone directly.

Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose wants to know how to use StreamYard to stream his own show. Leo says that StreamYard is an app that will stream to multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and others. But there's a free app called OBS that can also do it. But if he's only interested in streaming live to one platform, then he can stream using Facebook Live or YouTube Live directly. Mevo is a simpler option though, and it can stream using a built-in 4K camera. Also check out

Watch Ken from LA, CA Comments

Ken has an old PC that he wants to boot Linux into. But he can't because he doesn't have secure boot on that machine. Leo says that at 12 years old, it wouldn't have secure boot built into it. So he'd have to have another option. Leo recommends downloading, which will make a bootable USB key. Then install PopOS Linux using Rufus and run that from the USB on the old PC.