Should I return my Pixel 4 XL and get a Samsung S10?

Episode 1696 (1:25:22)

Tom from Toronto, CAN
Samsung Galaxy S10

Tom just got the Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone, but he saw that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is now the same price. Should he switch? Leo says he really likes the Pixel 4 because it's a pure Google experience. You get a lot of junk with a Samsung phone that unless you like it, you don't really need it. The S10 is a very nice phone, and the screen is as good as it can get. But is it worth getting rid of your Pixel? Keep in mind that the Pixel will be updated quicker because it's pure Google. Samsung has its Touchwiz interface, and that provides an additional layer that will get in the way of updates. Then there's your carrier. Stick with the Pixel 4 XL.