Johnny Jet ... Grounded

Episode 1693 (1:17:30)

Johnny Jet

Website of the week - Andys Travel Blog: Grounded Planes. But while a lot of planes are grounded at airports, Johnny says that travel is slowly picking up. But he still doesn't think it's a safe time to travel. 

If you want to travel virtually, Johnny Jet suggests visiting the Louvre online.

Johnny Jet also says that he rarely takes out cash anymore while traveling. He pays with Apple Pay just about everywhere. But you want to be sure you have a credit card just in case. The real trick is to NEVER pay in US dollars when using a credit card. It's a scam because they charge a fee. Always pay in local currency. ALWAYS. In fact, Johnny believes cash will soon be a thing of the past as everyone chooses to pay virtually.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Disneyland is opening soon, limiting to 30% capacity. It was sold out in 30 minutes.