Does PopOS work on a 32 bit computer?

Episode 1692 (1:32:27)

Bob from New Jersey

Bob went to download PopOS and it says it will only run on a 64-bit system. His old PC is a 32-bit system. Options? Leo says unless it's really old, it may be 64 bit compatible, even if it had a 32 bit OS installed. Most Intel processors are 64 bit and it's still worth trying. Boot up from a USB key and see if it runs. You can run it without installing it. If everything works, then your good and can move to install it. So give that a go. If it doesn't, there are other Linux versions designed to work on 32-bit machines. Try Xubuntu. Puppy Linux is another one. 

Bob is also having issues connecting via WIFI with his phone. It just says "internet not available." Leo says that try to reset the network settings. If that doesn't work, then if you don't care about the data, you can reset the phone to factory default settings. If that doesn't work, then chances are, the hardware has failed.