What TV Should I Buy?

Episode 1691 (1:56:00)

Charles from Virginia Beach, VA

Charles wants to get a new TV. But he's confused. LED. LCD. OLED? Leo says there are really only two technologies OLED and LED. LEDs are less expensive and work better in bright ambient light. OLEDs are better image quality and color, but he will need to darken the room. Then there's resolution. Most TVs now are 4K. That translates to a sharper image and with HDR, there's bolder colors and better blacks. It also gives better detail in bright light or darker scenes. Leo recommends TCL, it has Roku built-in and they are very affordable. Another option is HiSense. Both are aggressive to get into the US market. Great budget TVs. For a little bit more, Vizio is a great bargain. It's like a second-tier company. First-tier: Samsung, Sony, and LG. But if he can get a 70" TCL for the price of a smaller Samsung, get the TCL.

You'll also want to think about sound, as the speakers in a TV are more of an afterthought and not very good. Vizio makes a great soundbar. But get one with a subwoofer.