How can I send group text messages with BCC option?

Episode 1690 (13:42)

Rick from Glendale, CA
Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)

Rick wants to do a text message mass mailing with a BCC (blind carbon copy). Is there a way to do it? Leo says there isn't using iOS because of privacy reasons. But Android messages may have a BCC option. But Android changes features all the time, so if you can do it this month, you may not be able to the next time it gets updated. There are third-party apps that can do it. The challenge though, is everyone would need to use the same app. Apps include TextPlus, Textra, Telegram (that's the one Leo likes). One way to do it would be with the group text message option. It would be a short cut that would prevent you from having to add each number one by one.