Chris Marquardt ... Zoomed

Episode 1686 (1:07:23)

Chris Marquardt

Chris wants to talk about using video conferencing and how to do it the right way. Everyone is using Zoom or Facetime to stay connected, but there are some things to avoid. Placing the Camera: try to avoid your camera being at desk level. That will give an unflattering look up your nose. So stack up books for your laptop, or use a cheap smartphone holder for your mobile device. Attach that to a mini tripod. Mute yourself when not talking.  Look at the room you are in: What's in the background? You want a background that isn't too distracting. Do a little "set building." You could even use a green screen and then add backgrounds in Zoom to make it look better. But you need to be sure the light is even on the screen itself. Avoid using the Blur My Background feature. It doesn't work and actually becomes distracting. Lighting: It helps to keep your lighting brightness even. Backlight, like from a window, will make you in silhouette. So you want the light facing you. But you can switch a light on in the background to even out the light. 

Leo also likes to use the ATEM Mini to manage his video feeds from his DSLR.