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Episode 1686 April 12, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Joe from Miami, FL Comments

Joe has a 2009 iMac with a bunch of emails on it, dating back to 2003. He wants to know how to open them in another email program, along with the contacts as well? Leo says it varies according to the email program you use. Leo says that since Apple Mail exports to MBox, you can open that format into just about any other email client. You can even open them in a text editor to see what's in it. Apple Mail will import them easily, and Thunderbird should be able to as well. Leo also recommends using SuperDuper to back them up. 

Watch Kenny from Springfield, MI Comments

Kenny bought a new TV, and a few weeks later, it went on sale. Leo says that happens with just about everything you buy. Is there a way he can be notified when a sale is coming? Or keeps an eye on pricing as it drops? Leo says on Android there is an app called Camel Camel Camel: Wiki Buy is a website that follows it. Also, Honey and Earny are other options as well. 

But it may be worth it to call the place you bought it from and ask them if they will refund you the difference. If you purchased it with a credit card, there's a good chance your credit card company will refund you the difference within 90 days of purchase. 

Watch Jay from Manassas Park, VI Comments

Jay uses a budget program called "You Need a Budget" because he wasn't happy with Mint. But it doesn't have the features he wants. He heard that Excel can now connect to his bank. True? Leo says Google just announced that as a new feature, importing bank information. Leo says that there's a subreddit at There's a good topic of discussion there. Another option is an app called Personal Capital.

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Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary wants to know what's a good replacement for his OwlCam. Leo says that the Wirecutter likes the NextBase 522GW. Gary also wants to be able to change his background in Zoom. Leo says there are a ton of cool backgrounds here. But the key is to have a greenscreen and good lighting. Can he do it with Skype? Leo says you can by using OBS and a special plugin. eCam on the Mac will do it virtually. There's also elGato and VMix. VMix is a software-based video mixer for Windows. 

Watch Cody from Duluth, MI Comments

Jim wants to know why he can't get an artificial horizon on his mobile device. Leo says that there's an app for Android called Artificial Horizon. The iPhone has one called Aircraft Horizon. Also A-EFIS: I Fly GPS Aircraft Horizon. There's a ton of them if you search for artificial horizon in your app store.

Watch Richard from Grand Rapids MI Comments

Richard has a Samsung Galaxy 5 and wants to know when he should replace it. He's gone through two batteries. Leo says that a smartphone will become good as new when you put a new battery in it. So that really isn't an issue. The real issue is when the updates stop. When the phone OS is no longer supported because of age, that may be the time to get a new phone. But if you're not installing anything new, you're probably fine for as long as you want. 

What would be a good replacement? He doesn't need the latest and greatest. Leo says that the Samsung S20 (S11) is the latest. But that means the S10 is cheaper and just as good as the latest and greatest. The size, though, is a bit larger. 

Watch Cody from California Comments

Cody recently bought an Epson FastFoto to capture his old family photos. But how can he add metadata to it? Leo says that the EFF does scan the back of the photo as well, and can add that to metadata. But other than that, Cody will need to add that in software manually. One way around this is to upload all those photos to Google Photos and it will use both facial recognition and background data to determine who and where is in the picture. Irfanview is another good option for WIndows.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch James from Los Angeles, CA Comments

James accesses his voicemail via quick-dial 1, and now he's getting someone else's voicemail. What gives? Leo says you have to reprogram your quick dial by deleting the voicemail contact in your contact list and then trying again.

Watch David from Washington DC, VA Comments

Dave wants to know how he can access text messaging via email. Leo says that you can email directly to text messages through text or with the full phone number. (phone number) (or whoever their ISP is).

Watch Rudy from San Marino, CA Comments

Rudy has an old computer and he needs to crack the password. Can he do that? Leo says in Windows 7, there is a hidden administrator account that, if enabled, will allow you to get in. Follow the steps outlined here - or Google "hidden windows account windows 7." Once in, you can change your account password and then log in to it. It's even easier on older versions of Windows.

Watch Gary from Gary, IN Comments

Gary bought his son a 5TB hard drive. He put several movies on it too. But when he put it in the computer, it says to format the hard drive. Leo says to double-check the USB cable to be sure it isn't bad. It's possible that Gary formatted it incorrectly.  But make sure that his Windows 7 OS is updated. Leo says to plug it back into Gary's computer and see if he can read it. If so, then it may be a drive size issue. Also, GPT formatting will confuse Windows 7. Chances are, his machine can't read a 5TB drive. It's too big. The key would be to take the big drive and partition it into three smaller drives. He should be able to read it then. Leo also thinks that Gary could back those movies up to iDrive and then give his son access to them. 

Gary's wife also has a smartphone that is bulging. Leo says that's a warning signal that the battery needs to be immediately replaced. If it ruptures, it could catch fire or explode. DO NOT CHARGE IT. Call your ISP. They should replace the phone for free. That's dangerous. But if they don't, it's definitely time for a new phone.

Watch Old Chef Guy from Fetters Hot Springs-Agua Calientem, CA Comments

OCG wants to migrate his photos from his Samsung S10 to his One Plus 7 Pro. Can he do that? Leo says that third-party camera apps often have their own galleries. The challenge is to get the photos to the new phone. He may need to do it one at a time. One option is to hook up your Android device to a computer and it'll read it as a drive. Then look for the file folder and copy it to your computer. Then attach the One plus and move it over. Use the Android File Manager.