The Giz Wiz ... In a Better Position

Episode 1685 (2:00:45)

Giz Wiz

The Giz Wiz joins Leo to talk about a great laptop stand/holder he recently found. They offer many step height & angle adjustments; from 2.75 inches to 5.5 inches. It's nicely built, has 4 rubber cushions on top and 2 protective hooks at the bottom to keep your laptop from scratches & sliding. Silicone pads on the bottom protect this stand from scrapes and help keep it secure on your desk. It can hold a notebook/laptop us to 15.6”, weighing up to 11 pounds according to the description. It weighs 9.2 oz, folds easily and comes with a carrying pouch. I paid $23.99, but as of 4/11/20, it's no longer available. But below is a link to a similar one which rated higher than I one I bought and seems to sell for a buck less.

Giz Wiz Video 

Update: The laptop stand in the video is showing as unavailable on Amazon, but this one is very similar, has a wider range of up & down, got a slightly better rating, holds more weight, and is a buck cheaper. It's the iVoler Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Computer Stand.