Can I use a webcam on my Linux laptop?

Episode 1682 (1:44:11)

Ken from Studio City, CA

Ken needs an inexpensive camera/mic combo to work with his old HP laptop running Linux. Can he use a camera/mic on his iPhone 4s? There is software to do it with Apple and Windows, but Linux is a challenge. You can use it as an IP Internet camera using Linux, but it requires WiFi. Ken doesn't want WiFi. Leo says the Logitech C920 is very affordable and has the mic built into the camera. In most cases, even though the website doesn't support Linux, third party support can make it work. There's an app called CHEESE, which is a photobooth app. Once you get that working, you can then use Zoom to do it. Mike B says there's a tech note here - But Logitech works natively without a driver.