New Apple Devices Announced, While Stores Closed

Episode 1680 (01:14)

2020 MacBook Air

This week, Apple announced the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro. But while Apple has new devices for users to buy, all Apple Stores are closed, except in China. But Leo says that people really don't need to try the latest devices, they know what they're all about. The new MacBook Air is the first refresh of the laptop in a few years, and it's very thin and light. The new iPad Pro has a 50-80% speed increase with a faster processor. The camera has two lenses: wide and ultra-wide. It also has a "lidar sensor" or what Leo says is "time of flight sensor," which can create a 3D image of the world around you. Great for augmented reality. The iPad Pro also comes with an optional Magic Keyboard, which is re-designed with new keys and offers a trackpad with mouse support. Just like a laptop. Leo says that the new strategy is pretty clear: Apple is pushing the iPad as "the computer for the rest of us." The iPad Pro starts at 1200, with the magic keyboard costing $350. 

You can order online, but delivery won't be until at least May.