Which Laptop Should I Buy My Wife?

Episode 1679 (1:40:30)

Gary from Woodland Hills, CA
MacBook Air

Gary's wife is a teacher working at home and he wants to know what to get to make her job easier. First off, Leo says to get a more comfortable chair for her. He also needs a computer for her. Leo says a laptop would be good and Apple's new MacBook Air is about as close to the ideal laptop as you can get. Great screen. Faster. Yet light. And since Gary's wife uses a Mac at school, the MacBook Air is perfect. And she could get an educational discount. The only negative on the MacAir is that it doesn't have any ports other than a single USB-C connector. So he will need to get the HyperDrive accessory.

The iPad Pro is also another option. It has a new Magic Keyboard and trackpad. It'll be out in May. iOS 13 will also give the iPad Pro mouse support. 

Another option is a Chromebook since many schools are using Chromebooks now for their students.