The Giz Wiz ... Spectacled

Episode 1679 (2:18:04)


If you're practicing social distancing and just watching TV in bed, check out prism spectacles, which are sometimes referred to a bed-glasses and Evelots.Prism spectacles allow users to read text or watch television from a lying down position. They're a big help because you don't have to crane or bend your neck in awkward positions. Lay completely flat in bed with a book propped up in your lap or view television on a wall or table. These lay flat bed reading glasses are also a big help for limited mobility or bed-ridden patients. Watching television is not as immersible as watching it in a sitting position with the glasses. These glasses do not magnify or focus images on their own, but simply tilt images at a 90-degree angle in order to view vertical images while in a horizontal position. Made of durable plastic with mirrors. The company adds this note: These glasses are to be used for short periods only. Please remove the glasses before falling asleep. Do not wear while walking/in motion as they can be disorientating. One pair was about $10.00, but two pairs were $15 on 3/21/20. - As an Amazon Associate Giz Wiz Biz earns from qualifying Amazon purchases