The Giz Wiz ... Organized

Episode 1677 (2:06:22)


This week's gadget from Dicky D is called The Cabinet Caddy.  The Cabinet Caddy provides an opportunity to reclaim cluttered spaces. Perfect for spices, medicine cabinet, bathroom vanity, workbench hardware and more, Cabinet Caddy fits stand cabinets and looks great on countertops as well. Each Cabinet Caddy holds 30% larger bottles than competitors. Just pull and rotate the device for easy access to organized items. Cabinet Caddy was engineered to fit and function neatly side-by-side to create a “library” of organized materials. Complete with stick-on labels and foam stability inserts to keep smaller bottles from tipping. No assembly required. Available in black or white. $39.99. There are discounts if you purchase 2 or 3 units at a time. It's also on Amazon.

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