What PC Should I Get?

Episode 1673 (1:24:00)

Elliot from Yorba Linda, CA
Lenovo X1 Yoga

Elliot needs to buy a new computer for watching movies, writing documents and emails, and going online. No gaming. Leo says that opens up to either Windows or Mac, and Windows has been completely bollocked lately due to bad updates. In fact, Microsoft has admitted they no longer really test their updates before putting them out, and Leo says that's inexcusable. But if he needs a Windows laptop, then Leo recommends the Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop. The Lenovo X1 Yoga is also excellent. Great for movie viewing as it can "tent" bend backward to turn into a tablet. But it can also work as a serious Windows laptop. Dell is another excellent buy. Get one with an i5 processor.

But he can also go Chromebook if he's streaming online. And if he can afford it, MAC is probably the best option.