Why does my broadband slow down over time?

Episode 1672 (1:08:33)

Carlos from Torrance, CA

Carlos has Spectrum broadband and it starts fast but then slows down gradually to a stop. Leo says that Spectrum has a "burst mode," which is designed to fool speed tests to make you think you're getting faster service than you are actually paying for. But it shouldn't slow down to a stop. Carlos has said that they have rewired the house, checked outside, and they can't track it down. Leo says it could be a bad splice at the junction box. You can also try a new router. Really the only choice is to change providers. 

Nick calls in to mention that being in an apartment complex, Carlos is working with a shared medium where everyone is using bandwidth at the same time. It's a congested node that simply needs to be replaced. Nick recommends using an app called PING PLOTTER to show where the problem is.